The “Misty Mountains” Have Never Sounded More Beautiful

Two incredibly talented people have come together to do an incredibly beautiful version of “The Misty Mountains” from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I was moved to tears just listening to both Peter Hollens and Jun Sung Ahn’s collaboration and Peter Hollen’s A Cappella version.

It still continues to amaze how much true talent there is in the world, most of which we have yet to even discover. This was my first hearing about and listening to Jun Sung Ahn and Peter Hollen, both of whom have been posting videos on YouTube on a regular basis. I know YouTube is a great place for random and ridiculous cat videos and moments of silliness, but it’s nice to see people using the format to actually showcase talent. Make sure to check out the rest of their videos. I know I will.

Related Link: Music From “The Hobbit,” A Cappella-ized (The Nerdist) (This is how I found out about this awesome videos).


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